• Barb Roth

Chasing What Matters in 2019

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Do you ever find yourself at the end of yet another year wondering, "Where did the year go? ... What did I actually accomplish? ... Did I make a difference and if so, for whom?" So many questions come at the end of the year and rightly so. Let's face it, if 365 days can pass us by at what seems to be just a blink of an eye while wondering what we have to show for it, then maybe we're spending too much time on the wrong things.

Well the great thing about seeing one year go and another ushered in among the "Happy New Year" wishes, is that it is a new year and we can begin to look for ways to make 2019 count. So what will you be chasing after in 2019?

I recently heard a pastor speak on the power of our priorities and I believe that is what I need to be chasing in 2019? How 'bout you? We need to be sure we don't have things in the wrong place... so our priorities should be:

1. Him first, "I will remember to seek God first in all things."

2. Consistent, "I will be consistent in my relationship with God."

3. Persistent, "I will not quit till God moves."

4. Behave, "I will behave as if God has already answered my prayer."

Seems like the normal stuff most of us Christians believe, but often have a hard time putting into practice. Do you agree? Let's make 2019 a year we don't hold ourselves back from all that God has for us by challenging ourselves to seek Him first, be consistent, be persistent, and behave.

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